Why have a coach?

Coaching will provide you with the most powerful and relevant learning so that you can navigate your way through the complexities of running a business. Coaching enables you to dream bigger dreams, articulate what you want and work out how to get there. Anyone who chooses to be great at what they do benefits from having a coach – athletes, actors, singers and entrepreneurs all use coaches when they want to get to and excel at the next level.

What is coaching?

Imagine spending an hour in a quiet, safe and confidential space where the focus is 100% on you and the challenges/issues you want to resolve. Your coach doesn’t offer you solutions or give their view of what’s happening – instead they ask you a variety of insightful questions based on what you are telling them. They listen to your responses and bring your attention to any unhelpful thinking patterns that might be holding you back from exploring all the options available to you. As a result of these new insights you become clearer on the actions you can take to achieve better results.

What sorts of issues/challenges are suitable to bring to coaching?

Coaching is especially beneficial if you are wanting or needing to make changes, especially those in the following areas.

  • Changes in your business – how to expand or diversify; how to cope with pressure from competitors; how to introduce new IT or different ways of working.
  • Changes in leadership- how do you influence others, how to communicate to get your message heard; how to develop your team, how to manage your time and all your conflicting priorities.
  • Changes in Relationships – how to network, how to build better working relationships.
  • Changes in career – how to decide on or change career; how to enter or leave a job; deciding whether or when to go into self-employment, retire or go part-time; starting and running a business