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Live Well Workshops

Our Live Well Workshops provide you with the opportunity to focus on yourself whilst learning simple and straightforward tools, tips and techniques which you can adopt to have a more fulfilling life. The 90 minute workshops will help you to become more confident, resilient and purposeful.

The workshops are run in partnership with Spiffy, the Live Well Gift Shop and are held throughout Pembrokeshire and Carmarthen. Click here for more information and to book your place.

Self Care Saturdays

Our Self Care Saturdays focus on how to look after ourselves physically, emotionally and mentally.  The afternoon workshop includes sessions on mindfulness and meditation, nutrition and the five characteristics you can easily adopt to feel more content, positive and optimistic.  You will have the opportunity to slow down and restore yourself in beautiful surroundings, enjoy delicious food whilst meeting like-minded people.

Live Well Weekend Retreats

Our Live Well Weekend Retreats enable you to focus on what you want from life, and provide you with the know-how to design, create and live that life.  Each retreat includes at least three workshops a day, up to two hours in length, that will provide you with the rare opportunity to take stock of your life, identify the areas where you want to make changes and achieve your goals.  The focus then moves to the skills and attitudes that will enable you to take control of your life so you make lasting, sustainable changes.  As well as the workshops there will be the opportunity to have one-to-one coaching sessions with a fully qualified personal development coach.

The retreats are held in comfortable accommodation on the stunning Pembrokeshire coast, and run from Friday afternoon to Sunday afternoon.  As the retreats are about finding time to focus exclusively on you, there will be ample free time to rest, rejuvenate and simply enjoy yourself.  Expect to have an entertaining and insightful weekend leave with a new direction, new outlook and new friends.

Day tickets

It is also possible to enjoy the retreat on a non-residential basis on Friday afternoon, Saturday and Sunday.  The day tickets include access to the workshops and meals.

Personal Coaching

Click here for our page on Personal Coaching.