Invisible Brilliance – why we need to figure out who’s making the good stuff happen!

The human brain is wired to notice the bad stuff in life so it’s little wonder that managers often find themselves fire-fighting; watching out for the stuff that’s going wrong and trying to fix it, or worse still, trying to find out who is responsible.  Before too long they find themselves so far down the blame culture road that their team is confined by their fear of making a mistake, and creativity and innovation is abandoned in a dusty lay-by.…

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Stuffed Monkeys and Staff Meetings

One of the most common reasons that people aren’t innovative or creative is that they fear failure.  Kim Scott, former Google Executive and author of the book ‘Radical Candor: Be a Kick-Ass Boss without Losing Your Humanity’, recently shared her tip on how we can make it safe for people to try new ideas in order to promote creativity. Scott advocates taking a stuffed monkey to weekly staff meetings and offering it as a prize to the person who has…

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